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#products in site: 47 {if this number is different, remember to manually load gift cards}
#collections in site: 17

Individual Collection product counts

Aluminium aluminium 8
Black black 14
Brands brands 0
Desk Lamp desk-lamp 29
Desk Lamps desk-lamps 11
Floor Lamps floor-lamps 17
Gold Coffee gold-coffee 5
Grey Blue grey-blue 8
Home page frontpage 8
Light Gold light-gold 6
New Product coming-soon 21
Products products 0
Rose Gold rose-gold 5
Satin Nickel satin-nickel 0
Urban Imports urban-imports 0
Wall Lights wall-lights 1
White white 1

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ABN: 42 617 856 210 frontpage / Store Frontpage
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Privacy Policy page /pages/privacy-policy

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Products products
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DESK collection /collections/desk-lamp
FLOOR collection /collections/floor-lamps
WALL collection /collections/wall-lights


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Desk Lamp

Desk Lamps

Floor Lamps

Gold Coffee

Grey Blue

Home page

Light Gold

New Product


Rose Gold

Satin Nickel

Urban Imports

Wall Lights